InfraSketch Tutorial, Security Rules

Welcome back to our tutorial series on InfraSketch. In this post, we’ll focus on security rules for InfraSketch with easy-to-follow tutorial images.

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Security Rules Overview

Every server can be configured with Inbound and Outbound network traffic. This is available as “Security Rules” on InfraSketch. You may either create a new rule or reuse a previously saved rule. Let’s see how this is achieved.

To add a security rule for a server, select a server, and on the right-hand side, the properties of the server appear as an E-form. On the properties tab, move down to “Security Rules” and click on “Add Rules”.

This will now give you a pop-up called “Security Rules Settings”. Here, you will have the previously saved rules. You can select any of these rules and use them or create a new one.

The previously saved rules can be edited, copied, or deleted according to your needs.

NOTE- The downward and upward arrows next to the saved rules indicate the Inbound and Outbound rules, respectively.

To select one of the saved rules, click on the checkbox next to the saved rules and click on “Apply Rules”.

To create a new rule, click on the “New Rule” option. This will give you options to give a “Name”, “Source/Destination”, “Port”, and “Protocol”. Fill in the details and click on “Save Rule” to save the new rule.

You may remove the applied rule by clicking on the cross “X” mark next to the applied rule, under the “Security Rules”.

We hope you enjoyed this security rules tutorial for our newest tool, InfraSketch. Looking for further discussion on security rules for InfraSketch — or simply looking to find out more? Join our Slack community to connect with other DevOps professionals.



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